Samara Farm Store
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Samara Farm Store

The Farm Store in the pristine landscape of Samara Hills Lombok is a captivating architectural synthesis of tropical and industrial elements. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the essence of the project is rooted in the seamless merging of these design styles. Serving as a central hub for locally sourced vegetables within the complex, the building exudes an inviting ambiance. The architectural vision embraces expansive windows that generously welcome natural light, establishing a symbiotic relationship between the interior and its natural surroundings. The grandeur of the structure is accentuated by a lumber ceiling adorned with linear lighting, casting a captivating glow over the central bar. This bar is reminiscent of traditional cafeterias, evoking a sense of locality and heritage, and offering a space to savor locally crafted food and drinks. The Farm Store stands as an architectural emblem, a marriage of modernity and the environment, allowing visitors to bask in the embrace of nature while indulging in the richness of local produce and culture.

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Lombok, Indonesia


Building Size, 1034 m2

Land Size, 1950 m2





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