La Colline - Villa S
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La Colline - Villa S

Villa S, a jewel within the expansive La Colline masterplan, manifests architectural prowess on the canvas of 4.4 hectares. A tribute to modern design, it seamlessly marries daring cantilever structures with the organic beauty of sharp wood hedges, epitomizing a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. The entrance is an architectural spectacle with two towering limestone walls that stand as sentinels, framing the boundless expanse of the Uluwatu ocean view. These walls serve as a metaphorical gateway, inviting inhabitants into a world where architecture embraces nature. As one steps beyond the limestone threshold, the interiors unfold as a testament to warmth and timelessness. The careful curation of materials, colors, and textures paints a rich tapestry that exudes both comfort and ageless elegance. Villa S is not merely a dwelling; it's a symphony of design elements orchestrated to resonate with the soul, inviting a harmonious blend of luxury and natural splendor.

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Bali, Indonesia


Building Size, 438 m2

Land Size, 889 m2





La Colline

La Colline