Ekta Island Masterplan
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Ekta Island Masterplan

Ekta Island is a magnificent digital community master plan comprising a vibrant park a total of 350 ‘capsule’ hotels inspired by the Crypto Chain system, and 82 villas. This upscale community is being built on the small island of Gili Gede, situated on the Ocean right between Bali and Lombok. It was meticulously developed as a haven for the digital community. The secluded 7 hectares park connects the residents of this advanced property with the local community; ready to become a one-stop destination for entrepreneurs on their holiday or doing remote business alike. The island boasts world-class amenities, facilities and overall eclectic ambience to cater the needs of everyone during their blissful stay.

Project Type



Gili Gede - Lombok


Land Size, 22000 m2





La Colline

La Colline